Blue Door Paris France

Many years ago in Paris, France I walked by this blue door and started a journey that has brought me to this place in life where I am developing business processes that work, creative ways to reach my goals, and creating thematic works of art or personal projects.

This blog is intended to be about the following:

  • How I am balancing life and creativity;
  • How I use Personal Projects and Passion Projects as a simulation to help me figure out how to tackle blockages in my life and create new habits to be more creative in living life;
  • Chronicling my personal thematic photograph projects;
  • Going behind the scenes of what I’m creating, and
  • I’ll share the final images with you;
  • Share my twist on business;
  • How I use the next steps planning to achieve my goals; and
  • Who and what is my inspiration.

I hope you will join me on this journey.

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