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A few years ago I closed my children and family portrait studio in order to pursue my lifelong dream of being a fine art photographer in the collector gallery market.  For the last few years I have been haphazardly working on images without much direction or purpose. How do I get unstuck?

A few months ago, I decided that I need to get more focused and have a plan. 


First, I explored all aspects of the photograph and business on-line and in-person.  I found several videos and classes that helped me find some passion and focus.  I found that I needed create art and business with purpose & meaning and what it means to be artist in everyday life.  These classes and video really focused me on what I want to create as my art.  This process really got me thinking about my journey of creating art.


Next, I began attending art and photography events both on-line and in-person.  I have attending several events at the Los Angeles Center of Photography, the Canon Experience Center, and at many galleries and art studios.


Artists of the past were a tightly knit group who created works of all kinds to support and promote the pieces of each member. Such groups have been a staple of the creative scene since its very beginning. So why has the modern artist become an introvert working in solitude? It is time to get unstuck and find community to create art.

I began reaching out to people I have met over the years and new people I have been meeting.  To set up times both in-person and virtually to get to know them better.  It is time for me to build a community. My vision is to create the Artists Creative Collective. This group is meant to bring together people of all art forms to inspire, education, support, and promote each other’s work. See more on the at Collective Page.

My take away from writing this blog the need for a community to inspire to reach my goals with education, advice, and support.

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