Elizabeth Toller

Elizabeth Toller


Elizabeth Toller is a fine-art photographer whose art is designed to tell a personal story of who we are, who we have been and where we are going. Elizabeth’s goal is for everyone to be able to see their own story in her artwork.

Elizabeth has a strong background in the creative arts. Elizabeth’s first foray into the creative and performing arts was in ballet and tap; however, in high school and college, she developed and pursued an interest in photography. After college she worked in the legal field but maintained a creative balance by taking photography workshops in California and Europe. She was influenced by the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau, Walker Evans, and Dorthea Lange. Watching her siblings and friends start families inspired her to focus on portrait photography, finally taking a break from the corporate life to open her own portrait studio.

After 11 years as a portrait photographer, Elizabeth felt a need to return to her roots and seek new challenges; as a result, she returned to the fine art photography she had pursued during her college years. Elizabeth prefers to work in black and white photography, printed on linen or traditional watercolors. To help tell her ‘story’, she tries to find new perspectives

Now I am striving for a balanced life between work and creativity.


To offer education, information, and support to people wanting to achieve their goals through a personal project.


A personal project is a significant body of work produced over an extended period. It is a product of your own initiative and reflects the behavior or characteristics in which you want to find ways around to achieve your goals.


This website/blog is about the following:

  • How to balance life and creativity;
  • How to use a project to achieve your goals;
  • How to inspiration; and
  • Product reviews