Artists Creative Collective

To build a thriving creative collective community of artists to inspire, education, support, and promote each other. Looking for a group to discuss art? A group to get inspiration? Ask a dumb question or not so dumb question? Get feedback? And More. This is your group. Artists of the past were a tightly knit group who created works of all kinds to support and promote the pieces of each member. Such groups have been a staple of the creative scene since its very beginning. So why has the modern artist become an introvert working in solitude? This vision of the Artists Creative Collective is meant to bring together people of all art forms to inspire, education, support, and promote each other’s work. We are doing this through our at the Artist Creative Collective. We offer consulting services including:
  • artist statement reviews;
  • resume/CV review;
  • critiques of work;
  • coaching;
  • granting or project proposal reviews;
  • exhibit marketing/coordination;
  • exhibit curating;
  • marketing;
  • website services;
  • and more.